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Computer Health Check

What is a Free Computer Health Checkup?

A free computer health checkup is the process of finding out what is going with your computer. We offer this service at no cost so we can demonstrate our commitment to providing quality full-service solutions to our current and future customers.

Do I need a Computer Health Checkup?

Everyone can benefit from having their computer’s health checked on. We perform various inspections to ensure that your PC is safe, optimized, and running the way it is supposed to.

Common reasons for needing a computer health checkup are:

  • Slow computer performance
  • Annoying popups
  • Weird sounds coming from inside the computer
  • Computer is doing things by itself
  • Receiving alerts that you are infected with a virus
  • You can’t install a program or piece of hardware

What do you do during the Computer Health Checkup?

A PriorityOne Expert will:

  • Connect up to your computer
  • Scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and other malicious infections
  • Inspect your computers operating system for system errors
  • Check the security of your computers operating system
  • Check your wireless network for security problems (if available)
  • Recommend solutions to any problems found

How long does the Computer Health Checkup take?

Computer Health Checkup time frames can vary greatly. Times will vary based on your individual computer’s hardware, age, and level of problems.

Based on an initial inspection we may recommend a surface check or a deep inspection. Surface checks can take less than 30 minutes but deep system inspections can take many hours to complete. Both services are provided at no charge.

What can PriorityOne do?

  • Restore your computer back to factory specifications and performance
  • Perform hardware diagnostics to test your computer for hardware defects
  • Scan and repair registry errors and problems
  • Scan and remove viruses and spyware
  • Setup and perform maintenance on your computer to keep it running fast
  • Find and repair windows errors
  • Find and repair blue screens of death
  • Restore safety and security back to your computer
  • Optimize your computer
  • Prevent future infections by installing preventative software
  • Install all critical security and windows updates
  • Teach you safe computing
  • Recommend and install hardware upgrades to keep your computer fast and current
  • Create magic restore points
  • Setup proper security protocols are on your network
  • Connect your wireless devices to the network
  • Optimize your networks performance settings
  • Customize your network to your needs
  • Install, configure, update, and test your hardware to ensure full functionality for your system
  • Troubleshoot and fix your hardware installation problem
  • Install all software titles that come with the hardware
  • Clean up any installation errors and problems on your computer related to the current hardware being installed
  • Recycle your old computer or take your computer on trade for a new computer
  • Help you find a new computer

Bring in your computer to our store for the free check up.